How to Repair Ubuntu Network


2 min read

While I was sudo apt updateing my Ubuntu Server, all of a sudden the internet decided to disconnect :). I rebooted; after that, the internet wouldn't connect at all. Even the LEDs next to the Ethernet port woudn't turn on as usual. At first I thought the problem was from the hardware, the network card. but it turned out, it was because of the updating software failure. I thought of reinstalling the packages (drivers) that were related to network (network-manager, ifupdown). But how could I do it? I didn't have internet access to download and sudo apt install them.

It was a disaster.

I decided to try to manually install them. after many searches and time spending, here's what I did:

I wanted to download the packages from the Ubuntu mirror and install them via a USB stick.

When sudo apt updateing, Ubuntu writes the URLs it downloads the software from, based on the system requirments, the links showed me two keywords: jammy and amd64. Based on those, Now:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the package ypu need (network-manager)
  3. Click on jammy
  4. Go to the bottom of the page
  5. Click on amd64
  6. Download the package from ypur desired mirror

selected jammy, at the bottom of the page, clicked on All packages, found the package I needed (network-manager)

These were the packages required for me:

Very useful links: